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Shows and Exhibitions:

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3 of kari's portraits will be on display in Punta Gorda, Florida!:

3 of Kari's works (details of each shown below) were selected to exhibit as part of the Visual Art Center's 11th Biennial National Art Exhbition in Punta Gorda, Florida.

The Exhibition will be on display Feb 2-March 20, 2018.

Works accepted:

"Autumn Walk" (left), "Aaronaut" (center), & also "Molly - Thought and Memory".

Also received notification that "Aaronaut" was chosen for the Bowles Award for Portrait Excellence in this competition!

The Opening Reception was held on Feb 8, from 7-9pm (Eastern Time), with an Awards Ceremony. Admission is free during their regular hours - listed below.

The Visual Art Center is located at:

210 Maud St.

Punta Gorda, Florida 33950

(941) 639-8810



M-F, 9a-4p

Sat, 10a-2p


Solo Exhibit of kari's Works at Clabber Girl Gallery in Terre Haute, IN!

A selection of Kari's artwork will be on display in the Clabber Girl Gallery in Terre Haute, IN, from March 2-30, 2018.  

If you’ve ever wanted to see any particular painting/drawing up-close and personal, here’s your chance!

This exhibit will feature some of Kari's highly acclaimed and detailed portraits, such as:

"Tom 'Bear'"


Cameron in Red Chalk (Drawn from Life)

Lucy in Red Chalk (Drawn from Life)

Drew - Drawn from Life


Aaron - pencil study

as well as a smattering of still lifes and nature studies in oils, pastels, and graphite (pencil).

"Meet the Artist" from 6-8pm (Eastern Time) Opening Night, Fri, March 2!

Clabber Girl is located at 900 Wabash Ave, in Terre Haute, IN.

The easiest way to the Gallery space is through the wooden revolving door at the Southwestern corner of the building – like you’re visiting the Museum section of their facility.  Just walk straight in, bear to the right slightly, and head for the white double doors that say “Gallery”.

The exhibit runs until March 30, and can be viewed anytime during the Clabber Girl Museum’s regular hours:  M-F, 8a-5p; and Sat 8a-3p.


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A Sneak-Peek at Kari's Latest Paintings!

Fresh off the easel:

Alla Prima Apple

Artist's Comments:

"A dear friend once again shared her orchard's bounty with us this fall. As soon as she pulled this apple out of the bag, with the twig and leaves still attached, I knew I HAD to paint it!

Worked on this in Alla Prima style - meaning all in one sitting. . . . well, almost. Had to go back in and tweak the green a little."

7.25"x 7" ~ Oil on Panel. Available - please Contact Kari for specifics.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Second official Redhead portrait - finally finished!

"Molly - Thought and Memory"

16"x20" (Oval) ~ Oil on Panel


(OHMYGOSH painting red hair and blue eyes is so much fun!!!!)

(Please Note: no butterflies were harmed in the making of this painting.)

Detail Page now viewable! Simply click on the main image or Click Here.

This piece will also be on display as part of the Professional Art Exhibition at the IL State Fair in Springfield, IL! Scroll down to the "Shows & Exhibitions" section for more info.

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Other Recent Work:

Fresh off the easel!

"Summer's Main Squeeze - Lemon Study"

6"x7" ~ Oil on Panel

Available. Contact the Artist for specifics.

Artist's Comments:

"Simply couldn't resist capturing this color combo of bright yellow and aqua - makes me think of blue skies and sun-filled summer afternoons with a cold glass of the official beverage of summer. Who could say no to that?

Fun Fact: Lemons aren't just yellow - there's a bit of green and orange in there too!"

A Detail page is now viewable - simply click on the image above or through the Gallery Page.

~ * ~


"I've recently begun practicing with drawing from life - the above is a compliation of the first portrait's progression after about 2.5 sittings.

And here is the final portrait:

A huge thank you to my model!"

A Detail Page is now viewable! Simply click on the image above or through the Gallery Page.

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Experiments in Red Chalk:

"Also trying my hand at a new medium: Red Chalk. It's been used by several old masters, and I'm really liking it so far. Oddly enough, I'm finding it's faster than graphite (pencil).

A couple examples:

Used my eye as a guinea pig before working on this piece:

"Cameron in Red Chalk"

He's a natural redhead, so it just made sense to use Red Chalk for this drawing.

Detail page now viewable, complete with Close-ups! Simply Click on the image above.

A huge Thank You to my model!


Another one in the works!

Here's a detail:

Really enjoyed working on her eyes - they are so dark, they shine like mirrors.

Many thanks to my model!"

Update: This work now has it's own Detail Page! Simply Click the image above, or visit the Gallery Page!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Autumn Walk"

"Autumn Walk"

oil on panel ~ 36"x60" (3ft x 5ft)

A Detail Page - complete with close-ups - is now viewable. Simply click on the image above or through the Gallery Page.

This piece also recieved the Governor's Choice Award (aka Best in Show) in the Professional Art Exhibition at the IL State Fair in Springfield, IL!



Classes and Workshops:

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All Clases & Workshop for 2017 have been completed.

Check back in Feb/March 2018 for the new lineup!


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workshops Offered:

"Basics & More" Drawing Workshop(s) - Learn the 4 different pencil holds for optimum effect, how to use a kneaded eraser, and how to draw/shade an eye step-by-step. Great for beginners or as a refresher course for Intermediate-level artists! Open to all students Ages 14 to Adult.

"Learn to Draw Faces" Workshop(s) - Learn about the overall proportions of the face and how to draw each feature! Open to all students Ages 14 to Adult.

Figure Drawing Workshop(s)

- Learn how to draw the proportions, basic anatomy, & larger muscle masses of the human figure, both male and female. Also includes info on gravity & action lines for adding life and movement to your sketches, as well as tips for drawing clothing. Note: Students will NOT be drawing from a live model, simply a set of basic figure drawing guidelines. Open to all students Ages 14 to Adult.

3-day, 2-day, & 1 day Pastel Workshops - In these step-by-step workshops, each student will learn to create their very own pastel painting from start to finish - from the essential under-drawing to adding the final details! Also can be used as Open Studio Workshops for Intermediate & Advanced Pastelists. Sanded Pastel Paper will be provided, and a wide variety of pastel will be available for all students to use for the duration of the workshops. Students may also bring their own pastel sets, if they wish. Open to all students Ages 14 to Adult.

"Beginners Guide to Oil Painting" Workshop - Learn how to mix, blend, and layer colors with a color study and brushwork exercises. Emphasis will be on achieving realism, especially how to see and portray lines/shapes accurately. Students will also learn about the different mediums, surfaces, & brushes and how to use them effectively! In short, a workshop with everything you need to know about getting started in oils! Open to all students ages 16 to Adult.

Oil Painting Workshop: Masterwork Copy - Students will further explore the Oil Paint medium by copying a Masterwork. Learn to capture those elusive "halftones", shadow colors, and perfect highlights, without the stress of completing a "finished" painting. Includes insider tips & shortcuts that no-one tells you about! A perfect workshop for those looking to expand and refine their oil painting skills! Open to all students ages 16 to Adult.

Masterwork Copy Example:


Plein Air Paint Out! (Spring & Fall) - Get out of the studio for a change! Paint from life! Try your hand at something new! Have fun creating with fellow artists! Need more reasons to join in? No? Good. Simply bring your medium of choice, pack your "survival kit", and meet at the coordinated rendezvous point (TBA). Open to both Intermediate and Advanced Artists!


Want to stay updated on the specifics of any/all of the above listed workshops? Simply Contact Kari to be added to the Advance Notifications Mailing List - be sure to indicate which workshop(s) you are most interested in. Thanks!


~ A Page from Kari's Sketchbook ~

Artist's Comments:

"A small sketch I did while waiting before a meeting. I always tend to draw eyes when I don't know what else to draw. I love eyes.

Also, I painted a eye for some private lessons with a student (copied from a portrait by John Singer Sargent - my fave!). It turned out rather well. Also very small."

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Forays into Watercolor:

"Over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays, I had less time to work in oils. So I took the opportunity to try my hand at a couple small watercolor pieces, as they didn't require as much space or time to work on.

The poppies were a gift to my wonderful Mother, as they are one of her favorite flowers. I've tried (with very little success) to grow some in our gardens, so the next best thing was to paint some!

The other small oval watercolor was for a very dear friend of the family, who had a chipmunk friend (affectionately dubbed "Chippy") that frequently visited their property. The real Chippy has since moved on to other foraging grounds, but the joy he brought still remains. I just had to paint him - especially that bright-eyed expression!"


One of Kari's portraits was published in the April 2013 issue of

The Pastel Journal Magazine!

Kari's pastel portrait of Tom "Bear" received an Honorable Mention in the Pastel Journal's Annual Pastel 100 International Competition. As a result, Tom "Bear" is featured on page 76 in the April 2013 issue! The Pastel Journal can be found in major book retailers such as Books-a-Million and online.

To read the online article, visit their website at:




One of Kari's portraits was published in the September 2011 issue of

Southwest Art Magazine!

SWArt Mag Sept2011

Kari's graphite portrait of "Scott" placed 2nd in Southwest Art's annual "21 under 31" international art competition. This competition features 21 up-and-coming artists under the age of 31. The September issue of Southwest Art Magazine can be found online at www.southwestart.com

Check out page 84!

To read the online article, visit their website at: www.southwestart.com



One of Kari's portraits was published in the January/February 2010 issue of

The Artist's Magazine!

Artist's Mag JanFeb


Kari's graphite portrait of "Will" placed third in the Student/Beginner Division of the Portrait/Figure Category in The Artist's Magazine's 26th Annual Art Competition.

Check out page 97!




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